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[UR] Unión de Resona Statistics Compare

Members count 45
Active members count 31
Personal Rating (PR) 1 975
Average Win rate 62.81%
Average Damage 78 090
Clan strength - Total 78
Clan strength - Clan battles 93
Clan strength
Cruisers 94
Aircraft carriers 34
Destroyers 92
Battleships 90
Total 78
Clan battles 93
About strength

Clans leaderboard
Win rate 14
Average Damage 5
Personal Rating (PR) 19
Strength: Total 10
Strength: Clan battles 12


Allies [NEP] Neptune
[RNF] Ryuugajou Nanana's Fighters
[NADO] North Atlantic Detonation Organization
[APCR] Absolute Penetration Composite Rigid
[X__X] Here lies the remains of the greatest clan to exist. RIP